Lily & Lamb SweatshirtLily & Lamb Sweatshirt

The Agnys

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Lily & Lamb Agnys Graphic Tee

Agnys Graphic Tee

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Lily & Lamb Agnys Brocade Dress Pink and Green
The Best-Selling Agnys Dress


The thoughtfulness and detail used to design this dress is worn by my daughter for only the most special occasions, which I can look back and remember not only an important memory but that Christ blesses us always.

Caroline T.

These dresses are absolutely

precious and so so beautiful.

Cassie F.

It feels good to buy my granddaughter nice clothes that are in line with God's laws on how to dress.

Melissa S.

This is such a beautiful gift to send a goddaughter, niece, sister or granddaughter and it comes in a gorgeous box with

a sweet little poem!

Nicole M.

Beautiful quality of clothing! The assistance was wonderful, quick and easy.

Diane S.