The Chronicles of Motherhood

A Journey of Changing Diapers, Chasing Dreams...

Chronicles of Motherhood


Motherhood is truly a unique journey, an odyssey of incredible sacrifice, unwavering love and self-discovery. My own expedition through the labyrinth of motherhood has given me experience in pretty much every type of mom role:

  • Full-Time Working Mom
  • Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Part-Time Working Mom
  • And Homeschooling Mompreneur...

So is there an ideal? Is one type of "mom role" better than the others? Here's what I've learned...

The Full-Time Working Mom

I started out my motherhood journey as a full-time working mom. This is how my average day unfolded: I started by taking the little ones to an in-home daycare in the early morning, worked for approximately 9 hours, picked them up, played with them, fed and bathed them, tucked them in, and then continued working for an additional 2-3 hours each night. Reflecting on it now, it was a lot to manage, but like all moms do, I made it work.

And the truth is, I enjoyed working. Interacting with adults and receiving recognition for my work was rewarding. But while bringing home a paycheck felt good, there was always a tug at my heartstrings—a deep longing for more time with my littles, for those spontaneous cuddle sessions and impromptu dance parties in the kitchen. Simply put, I craved more time with my kids...

Stay-at-Home Mom

I began feeling increasingly burnt out at work, and the longing to be with my kids at home grew more and more intense. My husband and I felt like we could take the leap and live on one income. So I quit my job and became a stay-at-home mom. I thought my life was finally going to be simpler and easier to manage. 

It was definitely a relief to no longer be rushing to conference calls, feverishly typing away emails or managing client emergencies. And I was incredibly grateful to finally have uninterrupted time with my children.

However, transitioning from the corporate environment to full-time motherhood was disorienting. Each day seemed inundated with endless chores, toddler tantrums, constant laundry, and a cacophony of noise. Additionally, adapting to a stricter budget proved to be more challenging than I anticipated.

I quickly discovered that although being a stay-at-home mom was incredibly beautiful, it required incredible sacrifice and self-denial.

In the midst of this, I got a call from my former co-worker and long story short, they offered me a part-time position. The offer seemed almost too good to be true - a generous paycheck to bolster our family finances along with flexible hours, allowing me to remain present for my children. I said yes. 

Part-Time Working Mom

From a worldly sense, life as a part-time working mom was perfect. Our financial pressure was alleviated and I could still spend most of the day with my kids. I was very grateful for this opportunity.

In the midst of this excursion of motherhood, we decided to transition our children to a hybrid homeschool. While it was a significant change for me, I managed to establish a routine: homeschool in the morning and work in the afternoon.

Although I managed to complete all my tasks each day, it was highly stressful to get the kids to adhere to my strict schedule for completing their work so I could take client meetings in the afternoon. For anyone familiar with homeschooling, there are inevitably days when the kids are just not that focused...

And I felt incredibly restless. Despite being grateful for my job, I despised the work I was doing. Logging on each day filled me with dread. And I had a persistent feeling in my heart that this wasn't where I was meant to be according to God's plan... something was amiss. 

To add on to this inner restlessness, I got this crazy idea to start a Catholic business...And as much as I tried to push the idea aside, it wouldn't go away. Through much prayerful discernment, I felt a strong desire to use my gifts and career experiences to build a business that would help build Christ's kingdom.

Homeschooling Mompreneur

After a little over a year of planning Lily & Lamb, I finally felt ready to take the leap. I left my part-time job and fully embraced my role as a homeschooling "mompreneur." 

And I haven't looked back. I love it. Don't get me wrong, it is not an easy path. My days are overflowing and require constant mental gymnastics to balance the kids, homeschool, household duties and the business.

Not to mention that the road of entrepreneurship is filled with a myriad of obstacles. Yet amidst the chaos, I have an undeniable sense of purpose—a deep-rooted conviction that I am exactly where I am meant to be. Each setback is an opportunity for growth, each challenge a chance to prove resilience and determination. And despite the everyday chaos of the hybrid homeschool/entrepreneurial life, I have incredible peace—a profound sense of fulfillment that can only be found in following God's will. And I wouldn’t trade that for the world.


As I reflect on my own expedition through motherhood over the past 13 years, is there a mom role that's best?

Yes. Absolutely.

It's the one that God called you to be. The one He needs you to be right now for your specific family.

I don't think we can say one type of mom is better than another. Every family has its own nuances, challenges and dynamics. The key is simply to remember that THE most important job you'll ever have is being a mom. 

So whether you're rocking the 9-to-5 grind, embracing the chaos of stay-at-home life, or diving headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship, just know that you're not alone. We're all in this together, navigating the twists and turns of motherhood with love, laughter, and maybe a few tears along the way. 




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