Chapter 1: An Idea is Born

Two women. Living in different cities. One an artist and dreamer. The other, a former global marketing executive, now turned homeschooling mom. Seven kids ages 9 and under between the two of them. United by their faith and a passion to change culture.

One day, this unexepected duo came up with an idea. The kind of idea that got their blood flowing and sparked a new flame within them.  An idea that kept playing on repeat in the back of their minds as they went through their days folding laundry, driving carpool and cooking dinner over the stove. It was an idea they hadn’t seen done before. One they tried to ignore, but couldn’t.

But most importantly, it was an idea they had no business pursuing. 


Welcome to Lily & Lamb, where you are invited to join us on our journey of mission-driven entrepreneurship. We’re starting at the beginning and we have no idea how it will end, but we are giving you a front row seat to watching our story unfold. 

So what was this idea and where did it come from?

In 2019 we were working on an idea to start what we called an “Idea House,” which would be something like a Catholic think tank with the purpose of launching new Catholic-inspired businesses into the world. We quickly realized we didn’t have the clout or connections to make this happen. Then we thought - hey, we both have the right experience to launch a Catholic marketing agency and it could evolve into an idea house. Maybe it could even be both. (We were all over the place.)

But nevertheless we started brainstorming names. Anything that came to mind went down on a Google Doc. Over 150 phrases, words and ideas. Some good (Bella Verita) and some not so good… (Purposeful Peacock?!?). 

But right at the top of the list was Lily & Lamb.

As I was driving home in my grey Honda Odyssey with a gaggle of kids in the back, Anneli and I were discussing the name options.

“I really like Lily & Lamb, it symbolizes Mary and Jesus. Plus the two “L” sounds work really well,” said Anneli. 

“I like it too, but it sounds more like a preppy children’s clothing brand,” I responded. “Hey, wait -  that would be really cool - you could do clothes inspired by the saints like Joan of Arc and St. Therese. It could even turn into toys and home decor eventually.”

“‘Ahh that’s awesome!” said Anneli. 

The conversation continued, and we bounced ideas back and forth. But in the end we decided we would have no idea how to pull it off. So we set it aside.

After a few weeks we ditched the idea of our agency/think tank. And over the next year we started and stopped a few other ideas - an online magazine, a video inspired by one of our favorite books, a yard sign and t-shirt company. But everything eventually fizzled out.

It actually started to become embarrassing when friends or family would ask about one of the ideas and we had to say, “Oh, um, we’re not doing that any more..”

All the while, the Lily & Lamb seed that was planted remained. It kept popping back up into our conversations. And then pushed aside again. 

Little did we know our idea for Lily & Lamb was about to sprout.