Holy Friendship

When the disciples were sent on mission, they ventured out into the unknown. But they did not embark on the journey alone… they were sent in pairs. 

They walked together. And together, they faced praise and humiliation, triumph and loss, joy and suffering, generosity and incredible sacrifice.

This is the divine model of accompaniment. This is authentic friendship. And among women, we call this sisterhood.

But in today’s world, finding true friendship can sometimes feel like searching for a rare jewel in a strange land.

On the surface it may appear we have many friends. Our social calendars are filled to the brim. Our number of “friends” on social media serves as a badge of honor. Not to mention, we are all so darn busy.

And yet a recent study found that 3 out of 4 Americans suffer from loneliness.

If we’re more connected than ever in the age of technology, then why are so many of us lonely?

Perhaps it’s because we live in a culture of “using” where many people have experienced the hollowness of utilitarian friendships. These are friendships that are built around “what’s in it for me,” rather than “how can I give of myself to you?”

Or maybe it’s because many of us have been conditioned to put on a good face even among those we call friends. Our desire to be “perfect” or admired by others overrides our desire to be vulnerable and authentic with those around us.

Our experiences can tempt us to believe true friendship cannot be found. And therefore it’s better to go it alone.

Resist this deception. Authentic friendship exists. And you were made for it.

We are all looking out into the unknown. Every day we take new steps on our journey. And we all need someone who will walk with us.

Someone who reaches down and picks us up when we are too weak to stand on our own.

Someone who dances in joy when we succeed.

Someone who will go out in the storm and find us when we’re lost. 

Someone who says they will pray for us… and actually does.

Someone who will give us the courage to climb up that unimaginable mountain in front of us.

Someone who will embrace us just as we are.

Someone who loves our beauty... and our brokenness. 

This is the gift of accompaniment. 

This is sisterhood.