An Imperfect Mother's Prayer

Lord, give me the eyes to see what my children really need, not what the world tells me they need. 

Give me ears to hear what they are trying to tell me in their little ways. 

Give me the words to carry messages of truth, love and divine counsel. 

Give me the wisdom to know when to discipline and when to extend mercy. 

Lend me your Mother’s Immaculate Heart. The heart that loves with a perfect love.

Fill me with your grace God so that your light may shine through all my broken parts, and spill out onto these precious little souls. 

I am an imperfect vessel and I cannot give them all that I desire to give them. But you can. 

Lord, I entrust my children to your tender care. They are more your children than they are mine.

I know you will take care of them. Jesus, I trust in you.